Bryan Ischo

Hi. Welcome to my home page. Here is the obligatory mouse picture:

No, it's not me. This is me, on my 1990 Honda CB-1 motorcycle:

(There are more pictures of me here if this photo hasn't scared you off yet)

My deepest apologies for the clumsy layout of these pages, but after all, I didn't become a software engineer because I have artistic talent! For the benefit of those of you who absolutely no idea who I am, I have some background information about myself here.

My favorite quote 'o the moment:

"Clara looked down at her companion's bowed head; emotion choked her. It was not her fault that the other man and this man were not one and the same but were two different people. Nor was it her fault that the time of her fullest ripening had come and that she was destined by the implacable laws of nature to fall, like a September apple, into the hands of whoever reached for her."

-- Aleksandr I. Solzenitsyn, "The First Circle"

(These pages are, as of 5.13.96, under construction ...)