Bryan Ischo

Hi. I'm Bryan. I don't drive a car, I ride a motorcycle ... (Picture of 1990 Honda CB-1 motorcycle)

I also have a really wonderful girlfriend ...

and am a registered Libertarian ...

and I LOVE LINUX ...

In case you haven't noticed already, I haven't put alot of time or effort into this page. In fact, this paragraph is the first new thing I have added in about 6 months, besides the pictures of my VFR.

The problem is, every time I sit down to work on this page (which is about once every two months), I fiddle around with Netscrape's HTML editor for about half an hour, then suddenly come to the realization that I'm wasting my time, energy, and general frustration with being unable to design anything decent, on something that a) no one is probably going to see, and b) no one would probably care about even if they did see. So then I quit, and go ride my motorcycle.

But today is different.  I actually have about half an hour before I have to leave to go pick up the presents that I bought for my girlfriend (Nancy) for her birthday. Tonight I am taking her out to dinner at some new restaurant in Cupertino. I guess there's no danger in writing about what I bought her for her birthday as there's approximately zero chance that she'll read this before I arrive at her place with the presents. In fact, I don't think that she even knows my home page exists. Just think, you'll know what she got for her birthday before she does. Oh boy. I'm going to try out a Netscrape editing feature here and add a list of what I bought her:

Oh, ok, got it.

So that's it.  That's my boring update to my boring web page. I'd like to have lots of witty details about my oh-so-exciting life, and photos and details about my sex-goddess girlfriend, but I just haven't got the time. I gotta go.

p.s. This is me and Nancy: