Recently my friend Steve gave me some photos that he had lying in a shoebox in his closet for the past 6+ years ... here they are:

Halloween 1995

For Halloween 1995, Sue, Jared, Laura, and I went to a Halloween party at Sue's friend's house. Here we are before the party ...

From left to right we have: Sue (Lorena Bobbitt), Jared (First Lieutenant Riker), me (rugby player), Laura (medieval lass).

Here's Jared contacting the enterprise.

Sue's Lorena Bobbitt costume included a bloody knife and dildo ...

... which I apparently had lots of fun playing with.

Thanksgiving 1995

For Thanksgiving 1995 I had a bunch of friends over and we cooked dinner. All I can remember about the event was getting up at 5 am to put the Turkey in the oven, and waiting forever for my at-the-time-girlfriend Patricia to show up.

So here they are, in no particular order ... they speak for themselves.