This is the server that just served you this page. It runs RedHat 9.

It has the following hardware specs:

Current Value *
Processor AMD K6-2 @ 300 Mhz $8 The AMD K6-233 that was originally in this server was replaced by an AMD K6-2 300 which was left over from my notebook, after I upgraded it to an AMD K6-2+ 500 running at 400 Mhz. The AMD K6-233 was then used to upgrade my mom's Pentium 100 computer.
Motherboard FIC PA-2007 $12
Memory 128 MB 60ns EDO $22
Hard Drive 1 Maxtor 90340D2 3.04 GB $9
Hard Drive 2 Quantum Fireball EX 13.6 GB $20 This was actually free as a leftover from TiVo.
CD-RW Drive CenDyne 12x10x32 $15 This part was added 10.19.2001, for backup purposes (yes, after more than two years of use and the destruction of one hard drive, the server is finally regularly backed up!). 07.22.2003 - seems to be dead :(
Ethernet Card DLink DFE-530TX 10/100 $5
Video Card ATI 3D Xpression+ 4MB $5 A video card is not actually needed in a server, but it's more convenient than setting up serial console. The absolute cheapest VGA card would do.
Sound Card Generic OPTi 82C929 $5 Sound is definitely extraneous on a server. But I had the card lying around and I thought it might be cool to configure the server to make noises when certain events occurred ... but I've never bothered to actually do that.
Case Cheapest Available $10

* - Current values estimated by me, using recent eBay auction prices as a reference, as of 07.22.2003

Current Estimated Value of this server: $111

Well, I guess I overestimated. This hardware went for a whopping $11 on eBay when I sold it in October, 2003, after it was retired.