Category Specifications Notes
Structure Fully PC97 Compliant

Kensington Lock supported

Case is black
Processor Intel Pentium P55C/LM (MMX) 166/200/233/266MHz

AMD K6/K6-2-300MHz

The 333, 350, and 366 Mhz flavors of the K6-2 are currently supported. The AMD Mobile version of the K6-2 (1.8V vs. 2.2V) is supported by the motherboard, as will be the K6-3 processor.
Memory DRAM upgradeable to 256MB, EDO/Sync DIMM(3.3V)

512KB 2nd cache PBSRAM

Display 14.1"/13.3" XGA TFT, 12.1" SVGA TFT/DSTN
Display Memory 4MB SGRAM

64-bit hardware 2D/3D graphic engine

S3 Virge/MX Chipset, supported in 24 bpp mode by XFree86
CD-ROM Built-in 20X/24X speed CD-ROM

Interchangeable with optional DVD-ROM

Removable, but you can't put anything else in the slot except a different CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
FDD Built-in 3.5" 3-mode FDD Sits above the CD-ROM
HDD 2.5" 12.7mm(H), supports LBA mode

Supports Master mode IDE, supports PIO mode 4/ATA-33

Model is IBM-DKLA-24320, they claim 4.2 gigs but it is only 4.03 gigs
Sound System 3D sound system


Stereo speakers


Line-in/Speaker-out/Microphone jack

Linux reports it as a Generic ESS ES1688 based soundcard, SoundBlaster compatible
PCMCIA CardBus 1 x Type III or 2 x Type II

One socket supports ZV (Zoomed Video) port

Battery Li-Ion/Ni-MH battery 4+ hours per Li-Ion battery w/Linux, ~3 hours w/Windows
I/O ports 1xTrackpad/1x USB port/1xSerial port/1xExternal CRT port/1xParallel(ECP&EPP)port/1xExternal keyboard & Mouse port/ 1xDC-in
Dimensions 11.8"W x 9.8"H x 1.8"D (302mm x 249mm x 46mm)

6.6 lbs (3 Kgs)

Optional Accessories Car adapter

External Charger


IMPORTANT NOTE: I have recently been informed that there are some undocumented jumper settings for processors not mentioned in the manual. They are as follows:
K6-2 CPU Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
These settings are for the 10-pole dipswitch on the motherboard.

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